Soviet Antarctica 1955-1959. Preparation for and Participation in 3rd International Geophysical Year

by Ross Marshall, MD Posted: 2010-01-01 Samovar Email the Link to this Exhibit

Exhibit Categories: Polar PhilatelyPostal HistoryRSFSR and USSR

Soviet Antarctica 1955-1959

Topic Summary:

This Antarctic Exhibit tells its story using a wide variety of philatelic and supporting materials: covers from to and from participants; Soviet and foreign collector mail; souvenir covers; official stationery envelopes; telegrams; raiograms; letters; postcards; post office issued stamped and illustrated envelopes; datestamp markings; QSL cards, tractor traverse journeys; flights; and selected photographs. None of the material shown is common with much regarded as rare with many unique items.

The Exhibit is presented in a number of sections: SAE 1; Stationery; SAE-2; SAE-3; Sae-4; Oazis Station; Pionerskaya Station; other Stations; Foreign interactions. It concludes with the honours bestowed on participants who feature in the exhibit.