History of Russian Empire Postmarks 1782-1917

by Vladimir Tyukov, Posted: 2009-01-04 Samovar Email the Link to this Exhibit

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History of Russian Empire Postmarks

Topic Summary:

The history of Russian postmarks began from the mid-1760's when they appeared in St. Petersburg. From 1782 postmarks were officially introduced in all Russian post offices, so as to mark letters as a proof that postage rates had been collected. After 1830 dated postmarks began to be used.

With the introduction of postage stamps to Russia came the need to cancel them. The shapes and designs of postmarks changed with the development of postal service. Specific designs of postmarks were used for different types of post offices.

In the exhibit, there is shown the main development of postal marks in Russian Empire for the period of 1782-1917 on the basis of postal items of that period of time. As the guideline for the classification of postmarks in the exposition, the types of postal establishments and the designs of postmarks used by them are chosen.