Ostarbeiter Mail in World War II - History and Postal Regulations

by George G Werbizky, Posted: 2008-09-07 Samovar Email the Link to this Exhibit

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Ostarbeiter Mail in World War II

Topic Summary:

In order to sustain its war machine in World War II, Germany forcibly deported workers from occupied areas of the Soviet Union to toil in industry and agriculture. These workers were officially called 'Ostarbeiter' or eastern workers.

In the occupied areas of the Soviet Union the local population was not permitted to use postal, telephone, or telegraph services. The curtailment of these services was unique among German occupied countries. At the time, Germany had three postal systems: The Reichpost, the Feldpost, and the Dienstpost. It was not until 22 June 1942 that the German High Command allowed letters from Ostarbeiters to be mailed. This exhibit details the history of Ostarbeiter mail and how it was regulated.