The Samovar

Beastly Zeppelin (1932 15 kopeke) - known fake?

kiompie - 5/27/2003 at 18:48

Andrey's post Photographic proofs? or cut offs? reminded me of this impostor in my collection (it is the top one :D ):

The perfs are 11 3/4, the paper is heavy and yellowish, it is about 2 mm wider than the original, and on the back there are two blue (dealer?)markings:

Is this a known forgery/fake? Is it photographic? Are the blue markings in the top corners from (known) dealers? Should I post it in the counterfeit-section of the Samovar or am I making a fool of myself posting this in the first place? :D

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 5/27/2003 at 19:28

Regardless of weather you know if it's a fake or not, I would like to see it posted there as well. I would like to think that is why it is there. And it is a very good question and it should be asked.