The Samovar

Kotel'nich via Moscow to Germany

Gary - 1/31/2007 at 17:59

Here is an interesting postcard from Kotel'nich, Vyatka province to Germany,

The card was posted in Kotel'nik on 21 March 1903 and the indicium cancelled by a postmark with serial number 2. The postcard was sent on its way with a postmark using serial number 3 on 22 March 1903.

The card passed through Nizhnii Novgorod on 26 March 1903 and bears what appears to be a 1st post-telegraph-office mark, serial number 4. A bit unusual.

The card passed through Moscow on 27 March 1903 as noted by the 4th Dispatch Office postmark serial number 2.

The card arrived in Wiesbaden in April 1903. The sender is asking the Christian Tauber publication for a price list.

:o Not found in any catalog. No other items like this have been recorded!:hoho

photo-thru-moscow.jpg - 86kB