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Moscow Foreign Dispatch Office revisited

Gary - 2/24/2007 at 08:18

The thread listed below introduced a postmark used by the 4th Dispatch Office, foreign correspondence office, in Moscow. Let's take it back a couple of years in time to see how things were evolving during the reorganization of 1902-06.

Prior to 1904, the 4th office used in the period of 1902-1904 a postmark containing serial numbers, post horns, and a Roman numeral as the office designator. However, it was short lived and can be traced from serial number 1 to serial number 2, maybe.

Gary - 2/24/2007 at 08:19

Serial number 1, on both sides of the mark, was used between January 1902-November 1902 only. Serial number 2 is noted between April 1902 and June 1904. A postcard with both serial numbers is illustrated from November 1902, after which the serial number 1 is no longer seen. Serial number 1 marks are more difficult to find that serial number 2, but are not rare and probably not even scarce.

Serial number 2's, on both sides, end of use rather nicely coincides with the brief use of the mark introduced in the above mentioned thread that ends in the same month.

After June 1904, the 4th Dispatch Office is no longer observed in postmarks.

The question here is can we expand any of the ranges? Can we add information on any of these marks?

===Serial #1

#1.jpg - 84kB

Serial #2

Gary - 2/24/2007 at 08:20

#2.jpg - 128kB

Serial #s 1 and 2 together

Gary - 2/24/2007 at 08:21

Additionally note that the "2" appears to be inverted in this example.

#1-and-2.jpg - 61kB