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Moscow City Post and foreign mail

Gary - 2/25/2007 at 16:20

The cover shown here was posted in Kokand, Ferg. Oblast. on 29 October 1900. The cover is addressed to Germany and transited Moscow on 6 November 1900. The 4th Dispatch Office, between the Kokand cancels on the stamps, is the proper office to handle foreign mail in Moscow. The cover arrived in Bremen on 22 November 1900.

The appearance of Moscow City Post marks (gorod. pocht.) on the cover is a bit odd. For whatever reason, this cover went through the City Post on the same day it was sent on its way at 4 o'clock. There are two strikes of the mark, one on the front and another on the back of the cover.

Are there examples of other locations/towns/cities with a City Post that have City Post marks applied on foreign mail transiting through them?

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