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Redut-Kale disinfection postmark

Tyukov - 4/3/2007 at 15:13

The image of an issue of the newsletter "Europe" published in Vienna in Armenian. Sent by post to Russia were it was disinfected at Redut-Klae border post office. The postmark is not shown in M. Dobin's book on pre-adhesive postmarks.
I'm very interested in all information on russian disinfected mail. I have articles. published in Rossica journals, from where I learned about "Pratique" journal were some articles about Russian disinfected mail were published. Will anybody help me with scanc of "Pratique" publications or with contacts to people from this journal. Thanks in advance.

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achlenov - 4/4/2007 at 09:57

Mr. Tyukov, glad you were able to post yourself! Please try contacting Greg Mirsky, Rossica librarian to see if we have the journal you are looking for. If not successful, APS has a great library that I highly recommend!

tbeberger - 6/15/2007 at 17:18

Dear Mr. Tyukov
The president of the "Pratique" group (Disinfected Mail Study Circle; Webpage Disinficted Mail :; is V. Denis Vandervelde, mail:
Unfortunately I do not have access to the pratique journal and I have only a CUMULATIVE INDEX of volumes XXVI – XXX.

In addition I am aware of the following articles dealing with this topic:
van der Linden „Cholera-Post von Rußland nach Preussen“ in DZRP 44, 1988, S. 11;
BJRP 59 (1982) 31 Disinfected mail and Odessa ‘Fleuron’ ; D. J. Horgan
BJRP 21 (1956) S. 632 Disinfected Correspondence; Dr. A. H. Wortman;
Rossica No. 128–129, (1997) S. 180-184; Vandervelde, D.; Russia: The “OBEZZARAZhENO” Cachets, 1897-1906
Postrider 46 (2000) p. 5-65: Prephilatelic marks from Bessarabia including carantine marks 1820-1850
In DZRP 86 I wrote a small article dealing with prephilatelic Odessa postmarks showing also some carantine marks from there.
Hope I could help.
Best regards, Thomas Berger

Tyukov - 6/16/2007 at 09:27

Thank You for the links. It is of grate help.