The Samovar

8 postmarks for a letter

ameis33 - 4/21/2007 at 10:32

I don't know why i've purchased this letter. It's not strictly related to my collection and i've paid it quuite a lot...
Maybe a strange syndrome (let's call it this way)...
But nearly a record, 8 postmark for a letter (does anyone have more?)...

- Kamenetz Podolski, 20 september 1876 (On the stamp and on the back side)
- Kamenetz Podolski, 21 september 1876 (Why two postmarks?)
- Isakowa, 21 september 1876 (now Isakovtsy, Khmelnytskyi Oblast)
- Kozaczˇwka
- Mielnica 4/10 Ternopil Oblast
- Czernowitz 4/10
- Lemberg 4/10

I hope i have put the postmarks in the right order. It's not easy to find that little towns on maps...

B19 Fronte.jpg - 68kB

ameis33 - 4/21/2007 at 10:33

Back side
pity the seal has been removed...

B19 Retro.jpg - 107kB

Gary - 4/21/2007 at 11:15

Your cover is outstanding and definitely collectible! Congratulations on the find and compliments on your analysis. Now maybe we can move you to the East a little bit?:!!

has nine marks, but most from the same place:(

Tyukov - 5/6/2007 at 14:39

One more letter with 8 postmarks

FP-1877.jpg - 63kB