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Trolling for David Jay! Vol. Prav. mark

Gary - 5/8/2007 at 16:39

I hereby submit this most humble example for discussion since we have so many shy subscribers. :-))

What we have here is probably a unique V.P. postmark, unless David has one like it. :o

The postmark was applied on 24 January 1916 at:

Kataiskoe vol. prav.
in Verkhneural'skii uezd
in Orenburg province

Censored in St. Petersburg in route to the Red Cross in Switzerland

Please tell the little lady in Danzig that I am OK.

vp-front.jpg - 88kB

Gary - 5/13/2007 at 15:52

Here is the back of the card.

vp-back.jpg - 64kB

Another example in the Urals

David Jay - 5/13/2007 at 23:13

Gary --

Great item! I don't have this particular mark, but have a couple examples that follow the same theme. The issue is that there is
more than one office in the Gubernia with the same name and status, necessitating the inclusion of an Uezd name along with the place name. In your case, there is also:

Kataiskoe vol. prav.
in Chelyabinsk u"ezd
in Orenburg province (opened 1914)

Of the two, the office you illustrate was opened first (in 1913). So the authorities must have known they were going to open another office the following year.

Attached is an example of Rel"nskoe Vol Pr. , Saratov Gubernia,
Atkarsk. U. It is not obvious in this case why the Uezd was included, because there is NOT another office in Saratov Gub
with the same name. Maybe they were going to open an office and never got around to it, or opened the office under a different name?

Relnskoe.jpg - 88kB

Another example in Tobolsk Gubernia

David Jay - 5/13/2007 at 23:20

This is an example for Kamenskoe Vol. Pr., Tyumen U., Tobolsk province. There was another Kamenskoe in Ishim U.

Now if someone can illustrate two Vol Pr. offices from the same province, both showing the Uezd name in the cancel, that would
be something else...

Wonder if there are examples of three offices in the same province, with the same name and status???

Kamenskoe_Tobolsk.jpg - 102kB

Gary - 5/14/2007 at 16:39

David, to keep the free-market investors happy, what would you estinate these rather scarce marks on cover to be worth?:!!

David Jay - 5/14/2007 at 22:20

Sadly(?), the Volostnoe Pravlenie marks are not priced according to rarity. I think you got the above for a reasonably low price on ebay -- I didn't bid high enough to get it myself! This seems to be one area where one still can find rather scarce items cheaply.

Novgorod Province....

David Jay - 5/15/2007 at 10:53

Late last night, I recollected that Novgorod Gubernia also had numerous Volost Prav. offices. Attached is an image showing cancels from both Semenovskoe Vol Prov. offices:

Cemenovskoe Novg , Dem. U. Vol Prov., 5/4/1920
This office was established in 1909, and this is quite a late use
of a Vol Prav. mark by an office that must have changed status
by 1920, but not replaced the postmark. This is a free frank, and the Petrograd receiver is almost totally illegible.

Cemenovskoe Novg. (Belozersk. U) Vol Prov., 12/7/1913
This office was established in 1914. Sadly, the stamp is torn off of this item.

Again we have the curious point that the first established office is the one that designates the Uezd, while the office established at a later date did not, presumably because they knew the other office had the Uezd designation, or was it sheer inattention??

Both of these are unremarkable items, aside from the late use of the first cancel, so I have showed cancels only.

Semenovskoe_Novg_both.jpg - 76kB

Meglinskoe Vol Prav, Novg. Gubernia

David Jay - 5/15/2007 at 10:58

This office, in Ustuzhna U., was established in 1912 and renamed in 1916 when it was upgraded to a P.O. The other office of the same name was also established in 1912, in Belozersk. U.

This is just a piece.

Meglinskoe_Novg.jpg - 86kB

Gary - 5/15/2007 at 15:16

Originally posted by David Jay
This is an example for Kamenskoe Vol. Pr., Tyumen U., Tobolsk province. There was another Kamenskoe in Ishim U.

Seems there were a lot of these Kamenskoe VPs out there. Must have been a great name for a place?
Kokchetav uezd, Akm. prov., 1904
Novomoskovsk uezd, Ekat. prov., 1909
Grodno uezd, Grodno prov., 1912
Kholm uezd, Pskov prov., 1914

jlechtanski - 5/16/2007 at 10:03

It seems to me that they also had "VOL. PR." registration labels.

The illustrated Kamenskoe registration label seems to contradict that idea. Am I wrong?

David Jay - 5/16/2007 at 10:27

As Howard pointed out on another thread, there was a massive conversion
of Vol. Prav. offices to P.O. in 1916. Both Kemenskoe Vol. Prav. in Tobolsk were converted in 1916 to P.O. They must have run out of reg'y labels at some point and order new ones, reflecting the new status. They didn't replace the old canceller, since it was still functional.

One sees all sorts of combinations on registered letters from Vol. Pravl or former Vol Prav offices:
1. reg'y label corrected by hand to P.O., but Vol. Prav. cancel.
2. reg'y label name mismatched to cancel, because the name was changed when the status was changed
3. old reg'y label and cancel, just as if the status had not changed
4. the situation here -- Vol. Prav. cancel with a new label