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Two items to Urusovo

Gary - 5/19/2007 at 07:41

Two pieces of correspondence two years apart using two different routes to the same person.

To: Natal'ya Petrovna Grot
selo of Urusovo

The 7-kop. letter was posted at the Khar'kov P.O. of the 4i Otd. Zh.D. on 25 June 1893.

Addressed: v g. Ryazhsk, na Moskovsko-Ryazanskoi zheleznoi doroge, v selo Urusovo. Possible sender's name lower left of front of cover.

On the reverse of the cover are Ryazhsk (PTK) transit marks of 28 June 1893, Serial 1. The letter arrived in Urusovo (PO), Serial 1, as noted by the arrival mark. Unfortunately, it is not a clear strike so no date can be stated.

=====front of cover

urusovo-cover-front.jpg - 57kB

Reverse of 7-kop cover

Gary - 5/19/2007 at 07:41

urusovo-cover-back.jpg - 44kB

7-kop. stamped-letter card

Gary - 5/19/2007 at 07:44

The 7-kop stamped-letter card was posted in Chuguev (PTK), Khar'kov province, on 24 May 1895.

Addressed: post. st. Urusovo, Ryazanskaya zh.d., cherez g. Ryazhsk.

On the reverse of the card are transit marks of the Moscow P.O. on the Kazansk. RR, 26 May 1895, and Ryazhsk on 27 May 1895, Serial 1. There is a probable Urusovo arrival mark of 27 May 1895, Serial 1.

====front of card

urusovo-card-front.jpg - 62kB

Reverse of 7-kop card

Gary - 5/19/2007 at 07:45

urusovo-card-back.jpg - 33kB

filler information from the 1915 Postal Guide

Gary - 5/19/2007 at 07:46

Urusovo was in the Ranenburg uezd on line 16, Ryazan-Ural'sk. RR. 33 v. from Ranenburg. It was a village with a PTO located 2.5 verst from station stop Pochtovaya platforma, although there is also a stop named Urusovo 3 v. further down the line.

Chuguev was in Zmiev uezd and located on the Khar'kov-Balashov branch of line 47, Southwest RR. 50 v. from Khar'kov. Its status was a PTK located 2.75 v. from the rail stop. Interesting to note is that Chuguev was labeled as a "Z.G.," which makes it a zashtatnyi gorod -- a provincial town that has lost its status as an administrative center - downgraded town. Chuguev also serviced the villages of Kochetok (a PTO - 9 v. away) and Pechenegi (a PTO - 13.25 v. further away).

I'm sure others can add pertinent information to this. Please do!