The Samovar


msmike - 6/26/2003 at 19:22

Attached is a perf forgery? or whatever you want to call it from Georgia. I have had it sitting around in my accumulation box for years. Just now getting around to looking to seeing what is in the box.

Georgia350roul.bmp - 151kB

msmike - 6/29/2003 at 12:20

Someone took an imperf stamp (Georgia 54a) and used scissors to make the unusual perferations. I checked both my reference books and Andrey before coming to this conclusion and posting it here. What a shame ruining a nice stamp as this because I believe the overprint is genuine.:(

Gary - 6/29/2003 at 17:08

Since the "cuts" are obviously not perforations, can we simply say this is an altered imperforate stamp?