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A Zemstvo postcard?

Alep - 12/19/2007 at 13:29

This is a Finnish picture postcard showing the Saima channel with the message on the picture side. The latter shows that it was written at the station of Taimi on 29.06.1902 (evidently OS). However, it was mailed at the Finnish p.o. Karksalmi on 13.VII (NS adopted in Finland), i.e. 30.06 OS. The card was addressed to the town of Pudozh, village of Istomino (the final destination). According to the postmark. it arrived to Pudozh, Olonets Province on 5 July or, maybe, a day earlier as there are two Pudozh postmarks (the second has no legible date). Thus, one of these two postmarks should indicate to the further shipment to the final destination. As no stamp was affixed, the postcard was naturally taxed. The most interesting is that there are four (!) postage due markings. The first, boxed "T" belongs evidently to the Finnish p.o. The second, oval one (in the lower right corner) was applied in transit at St. Peresburg. The last two markings (on the lower left) are manucript one by black ink, the other by chemical crayon. It can be supposed that one of them belongs to the Pudozh p.o. (by some reason, they missed a handstamp). But where was applied the second manuscrip marking? It suggests itself that it was made by the Zemstvo post. Actually, there was functioning a Zemstvo post in the Pudozh uezd that used no stamps before 1903. It looks as it delivered the postcard on the last section from Pudozh to Istomino. Or are there another explanations?

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Alep - 12/19/2007 at 13:33

The picture side

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Gary - 12/19/2007 at 18:06

Alex, can you point me to a source for Istomino as it pertains to Olonets gub? Thanks:question:

Alep - 12/20/2007 at 10:24

What do you mean under a source? Location? Pudozh is located a little to the east of Lake Onezhskoe. I could not find Istomino or alike on the available maps, but there is Istomina and Istominskaya in the list of Olonets gub. localities. The second is in the Pudozh uezd and the first in the Vytegra uezd that borders with the Pudozh uezd on the south. Thus it could be actually both Istomina and Istominskaya.

Gary - 12/21/2007 at 04:25

Got it thanks!

jlechtanski - 12/22/2007 at 17:42

How would the postage due have been collected? -- Zemstvo Post pays Russia Post and then tries to collect from the receiver?

Was there an extra charge for this additional service beyond the charge for delivery from the Pudozh PO to the recipient in Ostomino?

Could these charges be the reason for the manuscript markingss?

Just questions -- no answers.

Alep - 12/23/2007 at 02:35

It looks as prior to 1903, when the Pudozh Zemstvo issued postage stamps, it delivered the mail post-free (as many other Zemstvos). Thus, the fee of 6 kop collected from the addresse should be transferred then to the state post. Unfortunately, there still exist no philatelic research concerning this Zemstvo.