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Der Balticshe Philatelist

igorfmyask - 2/29/2008 at 15:38

I am trying to find the following article:

Georj H. Jaeger, Briefmarken des Weissrussischen Armee? “Der Baltische Philatelist”, April 1920, Libau (Latvia), Pages 13-14.

If somebody has it please let me know at


Unhinged - 3/1/2008 at 10:53

I don't have it, but you might try this site:

They have it listed, so perhaps they can make a copy?

igorfmyask - 3/1/2008 at 15:56

Thank you. I'll try it.

Lacplesis - 3/6/2008 at 12:46

Did you get any response?

igorfmyask - 3/7/2008 at 01:17

I have responses but still have no the article.