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A very busy parcel card

Gary - 4/23/2008 at 12:09

Parcel cards appear now and then in the literature and have for the most part been given a good introduction by the respective authors. To date these cards get nowhere the attention that the Money Transfer Forms receive and they are more difficult to find for some reason.

The objective in illustrating the item below is to indicate the wealth of postal information one can glean from one of these cards.

On 29 August 1912, someone presented a 3 funt package to the post office in Lodz' with the intention of sending it to Moscow. The package had no declared value, but a COD fee of 2 rubles and 90 kopeeks was to be collected from the addressee.

The postal clerk entered the item in the books and affixed a label and made sure the receipt was given to the sender. The postal patron paid the 55-kop. due (45 kop for the weight and 10 kop for the COD fee). The attached stamps verify the amount paid. So off it went to Moscow.

The package arrived in Moscow on 1 September as noted by the Dispatch Office for delivering packages mark, serial "z." The post office sent the first notice to the addressee on 3 September. A second notice (vtorichnaya) was sent on 11 September. A handstamp "10-kop. delivery fee" meant the address would have to pay 10-kop. for home delivery of the package.

Apparently, the addressee refused to pay the COD fee (za otkazom in handstamp) and the package was sent back to Lodz' on 12 September. A handstamp was applied by the Moscow post office to indicate this action was being taken.

After arriving back in Lodz' on 15 September, the sender was notified and the package returned. The sender had to pay the freight fee for the package back to Lodz'. The fee was collected (45-kop. - same as the original sending) as indicated by the 35-kop. and 10-kop. stamps on 19 September.

The original receipt for the package was then attached to the parcel card. I do not know if the post office or the originator did it or if someone years later added it. However, the control number on the receipt matches the label - No. 816.

1912-front.jpg - 147kB

back of card

Gary - 4/23/2008 at 12:09

1912-back.jpg - 130kB

The receipt

Gary - 4/23/2008 at 12:11

1912-label.jpg - 101kB

David Jay - 4/25/2008 at 23:33

Nice item.
Note the mark on the reverse asking for 10k. this is the mark that
Sheynberg has forged.

Gary - 4/26/2008 at 03:28

This is not a Sheynberg item.:wow:

David Jay - 4/26/2008 at 10:48

I understand, but it is nice to see a genuine example!