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K. Ya. marks

Gary - 5/31/2008 at 06:45

In 1994, Dave Skipton consolidated information known at that time about an auxiliary postmark "K. Ya." and provided an excellent expansion for the letters. In his article in the Rossica Journal, he stated that there were 5 recorded examples. Illustrated here is a sixth example and it only took 14 years to surface.

Surely, there must be more of the marks around. Moscow was a large city with a very active business community.

The cover was posted at the Nizhnii Novgorod 1st PTK on 9 March 1890, serial 9. It is addressed to a commercial firm on Kuznetskii most.

kya-front.jpg - 56kB

Gary - 5/31/2008 at 06:45

On the back, we can see the 5th dispatch office arrival mark, the Town Post dispatch mark, and the K. Ya. mark. All are dated 10 March 1890. Although this cover traveled on the rails to Moscow, there are no marks to indicate that it did.

kya-back.jpg - 44kB

Figure 3 from Dave's article

Gary - 5/31/2008 at 06:47

Here is Dave's Figure 3 fully illustrated.


kya-1891-front.jpg - 51kB

Back of Figure 3

Gary - 5/31/2008 at 06:48


kya-1891-back.jpg - 31kB

Gary - 5/31/2008 at 16:33

OK. Spice it up a bit. This cover is worth $600-750.:rolleyes: