The Samovar

rubber handstamp on 7k stat. env.

amtc911 - 9/27/2008 at 05:09

What actually is the handstamp, the seller does not know but he says the envelope has been expertised by EISOLD BPP. Who is he?

jlechtanski - 9/27/2008 at 11:40

That would be Lothar Eisold of the Bund Philatelistischer Prüfer - a German expertizing group.

The overprint is interesting. I reads something like "all world." I wonder if it was placed on the piece of stationery to make it "valid" outside of the Russian PO in China. Maybe a product of the Russian Civil War?

jlechtanski - 9/28/2008 at 15:11

So "all world' indicates it was stuffed with worldwide stamps. A real philatelic cover. What a surprise.

I notice the eBay seller added an image of the expert mark to his listing.

Lacplesis - 9/28/2008 at 15:30

After telling him, what he is offering and that the expert mark just CAN'T be genuine, he closed the auction. Very reasonable guy.

Alep - 9/29/2008 at 14:15

The case is simple. Remainders of the Russian/China PS envelopes were utilized by the Soviet Philatelic Assosiation (SFA) as packets for cheap stamps sold at the SFA shops. Besides the SFA designation and address, there is a manuscript text indicating that the packet includes 25 different stamps of Levant. The first (ebay) cover is of the same origin and purpose, but there were 50 (or 25?) stamps of 'the whole world'.

Gary - 9/29/2008 at 17:16

The SFA did do a lot of interesting things!:wow: