The Samovar

Israel 2008

Jeff - 12/12/2008 at 09:24

Gold Medal:
Ed Laveroni for "Imperial Postmarks of the Trans Siberian Railroad, Chelyabinsk to Manchzhuriya".
Vesma Grinfelds for "The Airpost Issues of Lithuania, A Traditional Study"
Bjorn Sohrne for "Persian Postal History"

Vermeil Medal:
Vladimir Berdichevskiy for "Using of the RSFSR Semi Postal Stamps 1921-19? "
Vladimir Beridchevskiy for "The Postal Correspondence of the Russian Navy"
Arnold Levin for "The Russian Mute Cancels of World War I"

Large Silver:
Miron Lam for "Prisoners of War Correspondence WW I in Russia"