The Samovar

Praga 2008

Jeff - 12/12/2008 at 10:49

Large Gold. Dmitri Nikitin. "From History of Zemstvo Post of Russia"
Gold. Ed Laveroni "Imperial Postmarks of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Chelyabinsk to Manchzhuryia"

Large Vermeil. Bjorn Sohrne. "Persia 1902+1927, 25 Years of Turbulence"
Large Vermeil. Vesma Grinfelds "Latvian Traveling Post Offices: Rates, Routes, and Cancellations"
Large Vermeil. Jaroslav J. Verner. " Czechoslovakia Military Mail in Siberia 1914-1921"
Large Vermeil. Alfonso G. Zulueta, Jr. " Afghanistan: Amanullah Period, 1920-1929"

Vermeil. Alexander Ilyushin. "Russian Postal Cards With Paid Reply 1886-1913"
Vermeil. Alexander Ilyushin. "Postal Stationery of Russian Empire 1845-1917 - Catalogue"
Vermeil. Alexander Ilyushin. "'Collector' Nr. 42, 43, Annual Edition of Union of Philatelists of Russia 2007"
Large Silver. Alexander Ilyushin. "'Postal Stationery' Nr. 4, 5, Magazine 2007"