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Postal rates 1923 - 1925

Richard Weinberg - 4/5/2009 at 16:05

I have several Soviet international registered covers covering a period from October 1923 to December 1924 with 50 kopecks postage. According to V. Karlinskii the correct rate should be 40 kopecks. None of the covers are airmail and they are not convenience covers. Additionally these covers do not appear to have been overweight. Does anybody have an explanation for the 50 kopeck rate?
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jlechtanski - 4/6/2009 at 10:42

Liapin and Zagorsky also show 40k as the international registered letter rate -- but they may also be based on Karlinski.

The additional 10k does nicely correspond to a letter over the initial 25g allowance.

Is there anything else common to the covers? Are they from the same sender? Are they from the same city or to the same country?