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Combined postcard

abelikow - 5/9/2009 at 22:42

Could anyone provid information of this combined postcard? Itīs seems that traveled around Russia, Norway & Denmark. Strange numbers on the other side. Any idea? Thank you!

1.jpg - 189kB 2.jpg - 340kB

Lacplesis - 5/10/2009 at 01:57

The line on top reads "Rundreisekarte" = "round trip card".

I have a similar one, Esperanto related.

kette1.jpg - 301kBkette2.jpg - 299kB

Lacplesis - 5/10/2009 at 02:07

... and we created some new on

rund.jpg - 183kB

ameis33 - 5/10/2009 at 04:22

Could we try to make a "Rossica travelling postcard"?
We have members from Italy, Swiss, Germany, Russia, US... who would like to partecipate?

abelikow - 5/10/2009 at 09:38

...Brazil, Chile and Argentina. With pleasure.
But, what the sense of those trip cards and the meaning of thise strange numbers? Itīs a way of making friends, like pen pals, or save the cost of a postal card, or something else?

Lacplesis - 5/10/2009 at 11:53

Only a guess... Could be the membership numbers of a postcard exchange.

ameis33 - 5/10/2009 at 15:04

It's just a kind of game. Will the postcard arrive at the end or it will stop in the middle? I've tried time ago to send a letter to a friend, and i've reused an old envelope. My friend collect stamps like me, and it seemed to me something nice. But when i've tried to send it, the post clerk told me "Regular, but like it is i can't accept. Please, put it in the box". The letter arrived, but my stamp was not cancelled (pity...).
Time ago i also tought to a small variation.
I had a regummed stamp. The stamp unused, not hinged and not regummed had a reasonable value (almost 100 euro market value), but regummed the value was close to zero. So i tought: it could be useful for people who have never seen a regummed stamp to look at one, touch it, understand how to recognize a regummed by an original gum one. I tought: i collect i.e. 5 people. I send the stamp to the first, who will send the stamp to the third, who will send the stamp to the fourth, etc. The last one would have sent back the letter to me, with the regummed stamp applied as franking (!?). The stamps was not valid, but noone at the post office would ever taken care of it...
I didn't do because i was pretty sure the letter in Italy would have gone lost...
Nevertheless, a travelling letter is a nice sample of what a letter is for: communication.