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Krag postmark St Petersbourg

Alep - 9/3/2009 at 14:09

Such and other SBb postmarks are described and illustrated in the book "FROM THE HISTORY OF THE SAINT-PETERSBURG POST by M. DOBIN (Standart-Kollektsiya, SPb 2004). In particular similar Kraig pmks are listed and illustrated in pages 170 and 171 under Nos. 18a and 18б. However, this particular pmk having the last letter "B" after the date (meaning in Russian VECHER = evening) is not listed there contrary to those with letters "У" (UTRO = morning) and "Д" (DEN' = day), i.e. this postmark supplements the Dobin's listing.

jlechtanski - 9/3/2009 at 17:39

Have you seen the web page on Russian Krag Postmarks?

Alep - 9/4/2009 at 01:41

This is no trial but a normal postmark.