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Udel'naya - a hard postmark to find

Gary - 12/2/2009 at 16:25

St. Petersburg Adresnyi Stol card with Udel'naya town post mark

Nikita Konradivich Shmit
Finnish RR
Ozerki, SPb gub
Ozernaya Street House # 45

Posted at Udel'naya GPO on 17 October 1896 (on indicium)

Looking for:
Mikhail Petrovich Stratanovich

SPb Town Post Dispatch, 18 October 1896, 8 o'clock postmark applied

Baillie & Peel offer some information, but not a lot. They state the use of this mark (11D2.1) on entires is noted only on registered items. This is not a registered entire.

The 1886 and 1892 P&T lists say Udel'naya is in SPb gub and a station on the Finland Railway (SPb - Beloostrov 32 verst long).

1905 Pamyatnaya kniga for SPb gub:
Ozerki: station on the Primorskaya RR located 7 vert from the terminal. station on the Finnish RR located 10 verst from SPb. It is a dacha area.

Udel'naya: station on the Finnish RR located 8verst from SPb, which in the fall is one of the most important dacha areas in the suburbs of SPb. However, the documents for SPb town proper do not reference this location as such.

In 1915, Ozerki was also a RR station 2 v further down the line that only runs from Petrograd - Lanskaya - Udel'naya - Ozerki (10 verst) and followed down the line by Shuvalovo, Pargolovo, Levashevo, Dibuny platform, and finally Beloostrov.

What else can we add to or take from this item?

ud_front.jpg - 115kBud_back.jpg - 143kB

jlechtanski - 12/2/2009 at 21:07

It's a 10k card - 6k for the PO and 4k for the addresnyi stol.

It looks like there is an impressed seal at the front left. What's with that?

Gary - 12/3/2009 at 05:46

It is an embossed coat-of-arms for the city of St. Petersburg

Alep - 12/3/2009 at 05:51

I had once the same postmark of Udel'naya (an unnumbered town post branch) on a 7-kop PS advertising letter-sheet dated 1900. Thus, this location was serviced by the SPb town post. As mentioned in the M. Dobin's book concerning the history of SPb post, this branch was opened in 1894. Its pmks are illustrated on page 231 of this book. Later, this branch received the number 17.

Gary - 12/3/2009 at 05:56

Alep also adds information about the handwriting in the section zvanie ili soslovie. It reads Prisyazhnyi Poverennyi pri S. Peterb(urgskoi) Sud(ebnoi) Palate", i.e. Barrister at St. Petersburg Court (or Juidical?) Chamber.

Thanks Alep!

Gary - 12/3/2009 at 06:33

Here is a snapshot from the 1895 list of people in SPb list. The address for Mikhail Petrovich Stratanovich reflects the manuscript entry at the top of the back of the card.

strat_1895_address1.jpg - 90kB