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Vladimir gub to Liflyand - small offices

Gary - 12/5/2009 at 08:26

This is a postcard from a small location in Vladimir guberniya to another small location in Liflyand guberniya. Please feel free to add to what is here. Errors? No problem, let's fix them.

Ryazantsevo, Vladimir gub.
Posted 24 April 1905, serial number 1, cross-date type cancel on stamp and dispatch postmark.
3kop franking for an internal Russia postcard (picture postcard)

Additional information for Ryazantsevo

1. 1905 location list for Vladimir guberniya tells us:
Ryazantsevo, Pereslavl'-Zalesskii uezd, Vladimir guberniya

268 people (both sexes)
39 houses

2. According to K&R: opened January 1870 as a postal station, changed to a pochtovoe otdelenie in 1891, 1910 to a PTO, 1916 to a PTK.

3. According to the 1915 Postal Guide, Ryanzantsevo is a stop on the Northern Railways. There is a PTO in the village of Ryazantsevo located 1/2 verst away.

4. Vladimirskii kalendar' i pamyatnaya knizhka na 1905 g.
Pochtovoe otdelenie overseer (smotritel') Alexander Vasilevich Shurupov.

Elena Petrovna Mekka
Penekyul' - ???
Pyusime - ???

pocht. otd. Abiya, Liflyand
arrival mark 26 April 1905, serial number 1, cross-date postmark

Additional information for Abiya
1. Pernov uezd, today Abja, Estonia

2. According to K&R, opened as a PO in April 1897 and changed to a PTO in 1905.

3. According to the 1915 Postal Guide, Abiya is a stop located on the Pernov-Revel' narrow gauge company rail spur line. There is a PTO 1 verst from the station. This stop also services Nuiya, which is located 13 verst away.

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Unhinged - 12/5/2009 at 12:33

I'd like to ask about the addressee's name. I've always had a hard time reading old Russian, but it looks like it's in the nominative. This would make her last name Mekku.

If it were in the dative, the last letter would be "e."

Or am I off my rocker?

Alep - 12/6/2009 at 02:47

The card is addressed to a woman, her last name is Mekku, not Mekk. This Estonian name is not declined in Russian.

Gary - 12/6/2009 at 05:33

Alep, thanks.