The Samovar

internal uezd mail in Poland

Gary - 12/23/2009 at 07:33

This postcard was posted in Kol'no on 6.3.14, serial a at:

Kol'no, Lomzha guberniya, Kol'no uezd, which had a PTO (became a PTK in 1916)

The postcard arrived on 7.3.14, serial b at:

Edvabno, Lomzha guberniya, Kol'no uezd, Edvabno gmin, which had a PTO since 1910

There was no rail support in this area in 1915. The distance between Kol'no and Edvabno was 28.5 verst (app. 19 miles). Edvabno was a small settlement (poselok - also called a posad in some references) with a population of only 2,883 in 1903.

If anybody wants to have a look at the message in the back, please let me know. it is in Polish.

poland-uezd-mail.jpg - 66kB