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Military letter from Poland

Tyukov - 12/23/2009 at 17:03

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Tyukov - 12/23/2009 at 17:15

During the uprisings in Poland in 1831 and 1863-64 military units sent from Russsa to suppress that uprisings were considered to be on Active Service. Letters of soldiers from such units were sent from civil post offices free of charge if there were a confirmation of an officer and the seal of the unit on the cover. there is a folded letter sent from poland in 1864. It has the seal of "The 8th Battle Company of the Mogilev Regiment" and handwritten mark: :This letter really belongs to a soldier of the 8th Company of the Mogilev Infantry regiment Indrik Lashkevich which is confirmed by my signature and the seal. 26 february 1864. Zvolen. Staff=Captain (signature)". On the back there is the postmark of the Zvolen post office. I am very interested in any information on another military postal items of that periods.