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FPO from Poland

Leshek - 1/30/2010 at 15:45

I found two Russian soldier postcards to his father in Smolensk. He sent it from the Polish area. There are several field mail postmarks- from the active army. I am not interested in this topic - I have them accidentally, but it may be interesting for others.

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Unhinged - 1/30/2010 at 21:35

Two postcards to the same person, from the same person? That's got to be somewhat rare. Nice find.

I like the fact they went through the counter-spy agency, or at least one did. If I ever get this deep into postal history, this would be a fun place to wade.

Alep - 2/1/2010 at 15:23

The story looks somewhat different as concerns the postcard on the left. It was addressed not to Smolensk but to the counter-spy section of the West Front HQ where the addressee was probably serving. These HQ were located in Minsk and the card has a postmark of Minsk Main FPO dated 6 Apr. 1917. Then a detective story begins. Evidently, the addressee was not found in Minsk, and the card was redirected to Reserve FPO No. 153 attached to 73rd Infantry Division and located near Kimpolung, South Bukovina (now Romania) where arrived on 9 Apr. Also there, the addressee could not be located and the postcard went farther, this time to FPO letter G attached to the 4th Army HQ in Bacau, Romania (22 Apr.). Nevertheless, the card was returned to FPO No. 153 again (30 Apr.). Probably, the elusive father was catched there, at last.