The Samovar

History of the Kolyushki-Lodz railway line

Leshek - 4/2/2010 at 13:11

In the article "The Kolyushki-Lodz Railway" J.G. Moyes showed inaccurate sketch of the stamp used on the Lodz Kalish station. I donít known any item of the original sending with this marking (above).
I would like to ask you for showing the letters with this stamp on the Samovar. Just now I am writing and finishing the catalog of postal accessory used for the KL railway station and Lodz Kalish.
Please, send to my email address 300 dpi scans of such sendings to possible additions or clarifications of time use (the data in the articles are partly invalid). This will help complete the cataloging of material from this topic and will be beneficial for all concerned. Then I will place this study as an article on Rossica web page or Iíll try to show it in Rossica Journal.
I ask all readers for help.

kalishSt.jpg - 26kB

David Jay - 4/3/2010 at 15:36

Kiryushkin and Robinson do not show this mark. It seems possible that it is an error.

Leshek - 4/5/2010 at 06:18

K & R book was published in 1994., Mr. Moyes article in 1991. He wrote / BJRP 70 p. 34 row 7 / "The two examples I can record do not reproduce well and the illustration in Figure 14 is drawn round a photocopy and thus is not accurate ... "
I have not heard of such a stamp or even a post office at this station, although I live in Lodz, and I am interested in Lodz post more than 20 years. Therefore, before the end of the catalog I want to clarify this puzzle.

OUT OF THIS! I ask, once more, send me scans of any letters from Kolyushki-Lodz Postal Wagons and letters with registration labels from the Lodz Fabrichnaya station stickers.