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Cancellation help

cec71 - 6/4/2010 at 09:46

Attached is Scott 46 with postmark I cannot identify. Can any provide information on the origin. thanks

postmark.jpg - 37kBpostmark.jpg - 37kB

David Jay - 6/4/2010 at 10:40

This is in German, so either of German or Austrian origin. "Brief" means letter. The "Best..."
at top could be a place-name. Sorry, I don't know German markings.

Maxime Citerne - 6/5/2010 at 05:57

It seems that your stamp has been cancelled by a Russian postmark (faint strike, on the let of the scan) then received a German postmark strike on arrival.

Only a complete cover could tell better I guess ...


Alep - 6/5/2010 at 14:25

Best... is a part of the word Bestellung = Order or maybe Bestellt = ordered. I saw such markings applied e.g. to printed matter that arrived to Germany. Usually, the strike does not cover the stamps, so it is no cancellation and got on the stamp occasionally. Unfortunately, I have not an item with its strike and never thought about its meaning before.

Lacplesis - 6/5/2010 at 16:17

It's "Bestellt" and is translated as "delivered" in this case. It's a strike from the delivering post office. From a german major city. Most probably Berlin.