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LENINGRAD Temporary P.T.O. 1935 Registered Express Cover

averkiev - 7/10/2011 at 15:49

This letter has been sent from Leningrad from temporary post telegraph office to court psychiatric hospital to Kazan.
Postmark "Leningrad VR.GOR.P.T.O. * b *" with date -9.5.35.
R-stamp have handwritten mark "vrem" ("vremennoe" i.e. temporary)
This letter arrived to Kazan-Gare at 11.5.35.
Adress of sender is on the bottom of cover: "Leningrad, ul. Halturina, Scientist`s House, room 10, Grishov ...."
May be this TPO was operated in Dom Uchenykh (Scientist` s House)???
I will be grateful for any information on this time post office and time of its work.
Thank you!

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