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Chinese units fighting in the Red army during the Russian Civil war

verny - 2/5/2012 at 09:09

Some of you may know that during the civil war the 'Whites' made much of atrocities committed by Chinese units recruited by the Bolsheviks. The use of Chinese soldiers was denied by both the bolsheviks and later Soviet Union as being pure 'white propaganda'. A while ago I purchsed a bundle of archive documents relating to the Red Army in Ukraine. Amongst this were several roster sheets and kit issue schedules on which all the names were Chinese/Korean. These documents appear to prove that at least the stories of Chinese units in the red army were correct. To my knowledge no books on the Civil War have ever seriously examined this issue. Does anyone have any mail or documentation that links Chinese/Korean soldiers with the Bolsheviks/Red Army between 1917-22?