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Insurance rates

Randy - 8/30/2012 at 09:47

Was the insurance fee for sending 100 R from Moscow to Moscow in Feb, 1922 set at 5%? 2%. Thanks

vasia - 8/31/2012 at 07:18


here is the information on these rates provided by Ross Marshall and Alexander Epstein in their article "Inland Money Letter Rates 1917-1923" (POCHTA #38):

inlandmoneyletter1.jpg - 35kB

inlandmoneyletter2.jpg - 84kB

If you need the entire article, I can put it up on my file-sharing program as a PDF file and provide you with the link. :)

Insurance rates

Randy - 8/31/2012 at 08:48


Thanks very much - just what I needed!! I have a POCHTA CD so no need to post the entire article for me - but thanks for the offer.

My best