The Samovar

Help with postmarks please

Unhinged - 5/5/2014 at 09:03

The third one is Lodz, in Poland.

Unhinged - 5/6/2014 at 06:12

The second part is Tsentr., which is an abbreviation meaning Central. The next letter is a P, so it probably has something to do with Pochta, the Post, though I can't make out the next letter. It looks like an E, though, so perhaps someone else has a better idea.

Unhinged - 5/7/2014 at 04:00

Don't forget that the A has an umlaut, and that there appears to be a period at the end. The A is probably Aa or Ae, and the whole thing is probably an abbreviation.

David Jay - 4/4/2016 at 00:38

Beltsi, in Bessarabia