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Genuine and forgeries of the 2nd BNR B-B (White Russia)

cec71 - 5/29/2016 at 21:58

Possibly 10 years ago or beyond an article appeared in Rossica detailing the genuine and forged stamps of the 1920 White Russia issue.

I have the article ( pages 76-84) but need assistance identifying the author and issue of Rossica.

My search in the archives was non productive. Thanks

GregMirsky - 5/30/2016 at 05:35

Please email me at and I will be able to help you.

IvoSteijn - 5/31/2016 at 04:38

Rossica 106, by W. Lesh.

article follow up

cec71 - 5/31/2016 at 07:41

Thank you. This reply reinforces our collective strength.