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Unknown Cancel Of Military Censorship WWI

241264hsv-fan - 12/14/2016 at 06:57

Censorship cancelations are not always clearly assign to a place. This is also the case with this envelope. The letter was canceled in NOWGOROD on 25.11.1915. Speeckaert did not mention any censorship there.
The censorship cancel Вокрыто Военной Цензурой * В.Ц. No. 147 does not contain any location. The high number of the censor may indicate a larger censorship place. It may be helpful to know where the letter has gone. Unfortunately I have problems with handwriting. There is no receiving cancelation. When I looked through the handbook, I could not find this cancel. What about the two-liner? I only can read "Адресат"(?).
Have anyone an idea and can help?

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241264hsv-fan - 12/15/2016 at 10:59

A frined found now this cancel. I've overlooked it.
Itīs Reval Speeckaert Type 13. Censor No. 147 was unknown there.