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Why Passed Censorship?

241264hsv-fan - 1/7/2017 at 14:03

I have a question for a card from Kologriw (11.4.15) to Riga. The card passed censorship in Kologriw (просмотрѢно кологривскIй уѢздный исправникь = Examined Police Captain of Kologriwsker District) and went than to Riga. But why it passed censorship?
Can someone help?

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probable reason for censorship

verny - 1/10/2017 at 10:55

The most likely reason for it being censored was the 1915 advance of the German army into Latvia. It would be logical for an item sent to a front line territory to be censored.
What about the back of the card.......what is the message, are there any strike-outs by the censor, who was the card from/to.....all of these could be reasons for censorship.

241264hsv-fan - 1/16/2017 at 02:07

I do not speak russian and with handwritten texts I have it particularly hard. I post back side.

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IvoSteijn - 1/18/2017 at 17:09

Maybe because it is addressed to someone with a German name: Kramer?

Alep - 1/20/2017 at 09:07

It is the police rather than military censorship. Probably, the sender was an exiled person under observation.

Censorship of domestic mail

stamplover - 1/24/2017 at 19:27

Take a look at eBay 301089216700 : this domestic civilian postcard was sent in 1916 within Estonia, but still subjected to military censorship. It might have been inconsistent, but generally domestic civilian mail in areas near the frontline had to be censored.

Alep - 2/3/2017 at 08:58

It is true, such mail was looked through by the military censorship but selective.