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Special airmail box

nik - 1/13/2017 at 19:56

Going through old Illustrated Russia émigré weekly magazines published in Paris, I found a brief note printed in January 1927 about the postal museum in Moscow that survived the revolution unscathed. That museum was celebrating its 50th anniversary. One of the exhibits was this great looking early Soviet era mailbox intended exclusively for airmail letters.

1927-1 #4 (89) Moscow postal museum.jpg - 117kB

verny - 1/22/2017 at 19:15

There is an example of this box in the A.S.Popov Central Museum of Post and Telecommunications in the Bezborodko Palace Pochtamptskaya Ul. St.Petersburg.
The Box is a mid blue colour with the circle behind the aeroplane in dark blue, the aeroplane itself in red and the top of the box and writing in Black.
They have a very nice collection of postboxes including some Avant Garde examples.