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The St Petersburg Local RR Post rides again?

David Jay - 3/6/2017 at 01:08

Postally, the TPO cancel on this 4/9/1927 postcard to Detskoe Selo seems to be a successor to Baillie and Peel 7H2C, in trems of the route served. That earlier double-circle mark says C.P.Burg-Sestroretsk at top and Primor. Zh. D. at bottom, and was used in 1907-1909. Judging
from the oval shape of the 1927 example, this is presumably a mark of a TPO under the RR Post Administration (whatever that was called in Soviet times). Presumably, it had nothing to do with the Leningrad local RR?? Still it lacks a number, so is not one of the major routes. Are there any other examples of similar marks that relate to the earlier "Little Railroad" marks?

Sestroretsk-Leningrad1927.jpg - 157kB

vasia - 3/8/2017 at 12:04

You might be interested in 2 older articles that mention the Soviet unnumbered mailcoaches:

David Skipton, "Soviet Railroad Mailcar Routes, 1927-1928", Rossica 108-9, p.79

M.I.Belyaev and I.G. Kuznetsov, "Mailcoach Sorting of Postal Correspondence", Post-Rider No24, p.19 (data for 1938)

Presumably most of the un-numbered mailcoaches did not handle mail on the way. Hence, if they did have available postmarks, one should not find them cancelling mail.

David Jay - 3/8/2017 at 22:06

Thanks for this. It seems that Suburban RR continued on into 1927-1928 without numbers. So in some sense, this is a continuation of the earlier marks. As you suggest, they shouldn't be using marks, but as the article notes, there are exceptions.

vasia - 3/9/2017 at 09:46

Another unnumbered TPO from my collection: VASKELOVO-LENINGRAD (mentioned in the 1928 list).

qWK3Ena.jpg - 73kB

MZWGWnf.jpg - 102kB

10/8/1930 oval cds to Prague, through Leningrad, 11/8/1930. Franked at 14k with “Decembrist” commemorative. The rate had gone up to 15k in July, so the letter is assessed postage-due with “T” in circle, which is paid in Prague with Czech postage-due stamp of 1 Korun on 18/8/1930. The letter appears to have been forwarded to Gablonz-on-Neisse (Jablonec nad Nisou, 80km north from Prague), receiving a backstamp on 31/8/1930.