The Samovar

Zabaikalsk. RR

David Jay - 7/20/2017 at 23:58

This is a postcard sent 2/6/1906(05??) on "Pocht. Vagon 4 Zabaikal. Zhel Dor." K&R mention a similar cancel with serial "2". The card was sent to Temryuk, Kuban Oblast, where it arrived on 15/6. The other know cancels were used in 1900, and oval cancels generally replaced the X-date RR cancels beginning in 1903. There is no message to provide context. The picture side shows a scene from the Zabaikal RR. The most obvious reason for use of this mark would be a shortage of oval marks, perhaps due to loss or damage. Unfortunately, there is no way to know where the card was posted. Oval marks do seem to have emerged rather late on this route
(TPO 241-242), in the 1905 to 1907 period.

Any thoughts on this item would be appreciated.

Zab_RR_PochtVagon.jpg - 319kB

howard - 7/27/2017 at 19:52

The date is 1900. This postmark was introduced when mail transport first started on the Transbaikal RR in 1899. It was superseded by the numbered postal wagon postmarks in 1901.

David Jay - 7/28/2017 at 00:33

1900 was when the other known examples were posted, so I wondered about that. 1900 is plausible for the RR cancel, but the receiver does not look like 1900.