The Samovar

usage of mute cancels in the Ukrainian area

David Jay - 10/14/2017 at 12:36

According to the listings of arrival dates and cancel dates in Levin, general use of mute cancels did not occur in the South and Southwestern Frontal areas on 1 August. His listing suggest about 4 August for Kherson province (Odessa) and Tavrichevsk Province. Otherwise, usage dates are 8 August or after. This card sent unfranked from the an army corps shows three cancels between 3 and 8 August from Volinsk and Poltava provinces. They are:
3 August 1914 Ivyaslavl, Volinsk (also faint ms by sender)
7 August 1914 Kubelyaki, Poltava G.
8 August 1914 Kishenka, Kubelyaki Uezd, Poltava
The arrival cancel is perhaps excusable -- even some locations in the Baltic that used mutes used regular cancels for receivers. Still it appears from the evidence of this card that mute cancel usage in the South and Southwestern Frontal areas did not start until at least 8 August.

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