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Interesting items from the FER. Are they genuine?

cec71 - 11/26/2017 at 14:32

Presented are two scans.

The first, the 10 Ruble overprint perforated 14 X 14 1/2, is not in any cataloges. The imperforate stamp is common.

The second, the 70 Ruble stamp, presents many questions. The engraving characteristics appear exceptionally similar to a genuine 70 Ruble. Additionally the overprint appears to have all the details of the original on the correct value. Both the 70 ruble and the overprinted stamp were issued in 1923. My research indicates only 10 sheets of the imperforate 70 Ruble were issued and it was not released to the public.

I would appreciate an opinion on each of these two stamps.

scan 9.jpg - 151kB

IvoSteijn - 11/29/2017 at 02:48

A simple explanation for the "imperf" 70 ruble stamp is that it's a perforated stamp with the perforations cut off. Compare the stamp size with a perforated stamp and see if that's feasible.

A simple explanation like that is much more easy to accept than the miraculous appearance of an imperf 70 ruble sheet among the "Far East" overprints.