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Cancellations on B1-4

cec71 - 2/17/2018 at 11:24

Do any members have information on cancellations on B1-4?

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GregMirsky - 2/19/2018 at 03:35

This is a seal of Полевого Жандармского Эскадрона (Field Gendarme Squadron). There was several of them in Imperial Russia. This seal says :"В.-С. Полевого Жандармского Эскадрона". You can find a lot of information about them in the Internet in Russian. For example.

http://ледянойпоход.рф/2014/07/полев ые-жандармские-эскадрон& #1099;-риа/

1st - Vilno,
2nd - Warsaw
3rd - Kiev
4th - Odessa
5th - Tiflis
6th -Helsingforce

+ St Petersburg (Лейб-Гвардии Жандармский эскадрон - Life-Guard Gendarme Squadron)

It is hard to tell from this seal which one of seven squadrons this seal belongs too (no info on the seal itself) and it is not clear what "В.-С." on the seal means. It may be a clue..