The Samovar

Seeing Watermarks

Unhinged - 1/13/2019 at 13:38

I would like to hear others' experiences with hard to see watermarks. Is there an extra step that can be taken to see them? Is the usual fluid and a black tray sufficient? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

cec71 - 1/19/2019 at 11:29

A superb instrument for detecting watermarks is the SAFE Signoscope.

Also useful for detecting types of paper, raised watermarks in Scott 1-4, defects etc. Makes life easy!!! No liquids.

Shop on E bay or Amazon. Basic model costs about $200, but well worth the investment if you are a serious philatelist..

Unhinged - 1/21/2019 at 11:31

Unfortunately, one of these would be close to a third of my monthly income. I guess I'll have to stick to basic fluid.

Thank you.

Maxime Citerne - 2/2/2019 at 05:36

I got the SAFE signoscope, nice tool but totally useless with blocks or large strips or stamps on fragments or covers (as they simply do not fit inside the box).

Alternatively you can buy a small LED flashlight. Found in most drugstore or on Ebay for less than 20$. It does not fit all situations but very helpful in a number of cases.

Very usefull and convenient to see through paper and enveloppes. Easy to travel with. Be carefull not to look directly into the LED, they could blind you for a short while.