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RSFSR 100R-1000R Sheet Printer's Marks

RSFSR - 11/27/2020 at 01:02

I am fascinated by those little triangles that appear on the margins of the sheets/panes of the 2nd Standard Issue of the RSFSR - 100R through 1000R. These are generally referred to as Printer's Marks. In many cases they have a small hole in the center, or thereabouts, of the triangle itself. Does anyone have any information on these? I'd like to submit an article for the next Rossica Journal, but at this point all I have are examples of these marks but no real understanding as to their purpose.

Their placement is sometimes at the end of the gutters in the margins, sometimes above/below the center stamp of a pane, sometimes their direction varies from pointing inwards to pointing outwards.

Hopefully some of our more knowledgeable members might be able to shed some light?

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