The Samovar

Star Overprints - 1922-1923

RSFSR - 3/2/2021 at 13:26

I have been looking at the 20R on 15K/70K in minute detail. It is apparent that the four panes within the sheet of 100 were produced from the same plates of 25 - i.e. pos. 21, 26, 71, and 76 in the sheet of 100 all exhibit the same basic difference (the chunk out of the base of the '2' in the denomination area). What I find confusing is that the typograph version on the 70K also exhibits the same detail as the lithograph examples.

Can anyone explain how the process of creating the initial design for the surcharge ends up as to produce this result? Is there a good reference that someone is aware of that could explain how the process works from start to finish? I assume that the first master was produced, then the pane of 25, and then the sheet of 100? But how could this result in the typographic exhibiting the same result? Somehow the same master was used for both types of printing?

21-70 - 2 chunk.jpg - 47kB 21G - 2 chunk.jpg - 28kB