The Samovar

Kharkov III Dzenis Forgeries Part I

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 3/13/2003 at 21:48

Supposedly, of the three original hand stamps that made up the 9 different types, the third handstamp containing types g,h and i was cut up/disassembled and was use to produce these stamps. Generally the only way to differentiate the authentic vs. the late prints is the amount of wear/distortion of the Trident and that the ink is either very heavy, black or light gray.

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Kharkov III part 1 cont.

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 3/13/2003 at 22:10

A few more. An other note about these is that the Kharkov III overprint is only known authentic on the following Kopeck values:
2 Kop. perf.
3 Kop, perf.
15 Kop. perf.
2 Kop, imperf.

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