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Where is stamp collecting moving?

Rusalka - 6/8/2004 at 22:08

Has anyone else noticed that the number of Russian items on e-bay seems to have diminished significantly? Last year there were over 100 pages to sift through, and now there are barely 40.

I wonder why this is so?

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 6/8/2004 at 23:37

It always happens this time of year. :(

At least according to my sales and tracking analysis programs.

Gary - 6/9/2004 at 17:38

Are these the same programs that weather people use?:D

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 6/14/2004 at 19:41

Remember: September.

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 6/15/2004 at 22:53

E-bay listings start to rise. Start saving!

September 14 - it is 2 weeks

nik - 9/14/2004 at 10:22


Just come across your posting....

It is 2 weeks in September already - no any changes yet - and still hard to find stamps to buy....

achlenov - 9/14/2004 at 21:53

Not having money to buy is a much bigger issue, I think.

Gary - 9/15/2004 at 17:12


We can all relate to that point!

Rusalka - 9/16/2004 at 01:19

I think much of the fun of acquiring all those 'special' items would be gone if we all had unlimited buckets of rubles. If we all snapped up everything we needed the value (both personal and commercial) for each of those pieces would also become insignificant. :P

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 10/10/2004 at 22:41

Sorry about your luck. Maybe if you let your collecting interests known, somebody might be able to point you in the right direction.

Ebay item count for "Stamps-Russia" search indicates 2130 lots as of a few minutes ago. This is up about 600 from when this thread started.

Rusalka, how many items per page do you view? 25 would get you 86 pages, while 200 would get 11.

Gary - 10/12/2004 at 17:26

Michael is correct. Complaints that nothing exists in a single location does not mean that items do not exist in another location or even at the same location if search is used properly.

Material exists, but not always on eBay. Rossica offers members the opportunity to express their wants in the journal. Try it, it is free and you may like it. Ask Jeff about this.

Rusalka - 10/18/2004 at 00:52

Michael, I was refering to the standard e-bay page which opens up when clicking onto the general Russian stamps category. I believe it lists 50 items/page.

I am not refering to the individual sellers who may offer one extra item or several hundred extra items. If you view it like that, then of course there is larger number to examine.

Thanks Gary for reminding me about the free service in the journal. :study