The Samovar

Philatelic cover or cover to a collector?

Gary - 7/18/2004 at 04:57

The picture shown here is a cover sent to the USA in 1893.

The registered cover is franked with 5 additional stamps - Scott #s 31-34, 41.

Was the addressee a collector? Is this a philatelic cover?


nicecover.jpg - 102kB


Jeff - 7/18/2004 at 06:22

Since I've moved, I can't find anything, to include my rate charts. It seems that 20k is a little high for postage in 1893, but since I don't have that stuff memorized, it could be right on.

The way the stamps have been affixed certainly points to a cover that has philatelic purposes. But, if the rate is correct, maybe someone just decided to make the card look nice!

It is interesting to note that the sender put USNA, presumably meaning United States North America?


and the rate is correct!

Jeff - 7/18/2004 at 07:54

10k for letters sent abroad and 10k for registration. Thanks Gary for sending a reminder on where my rates chart was....


Gary - 7/18/2004 at 17:07

Besides USNA, I have also seen Canada addressed as a part of the USA.