The Samovar


Gary - 9/17/2004 at 17:28

In the spirit of philately, we all appreciate those who have knowledge. Not an issue!

In the spirit of collecting, we all appreciate having a collection full of genuine items. Not an issue!

Should an expert charge for an opinion? Or is it sufficient for the philatelic community to acknowledge that a certificate by so-and-so is accepted?

Why should providing an opinion be considered a "for profit" business? If the expert does so for a non-profit organization such as the APS, can we deduct it from taxes as a contrinution?

Just a few questions. Don't shoot me. Just trying to stimulate discussion.

achlenov - 9/17/2004 at 19:16

Expertization requires work so it should be paid for. APS charges for expertization, at least when you buy from their stampstore (although not if the item turns out to be fake).

Are you saying you are ready to expertize for free???

And why are we talking about this again?