The Samovar

British Forces Vladivostok

Joe Taylor - 11/9/2004 at 19:23

A photo postcard showing part of the harbor message side better info British had less than 1,000

Vladivostok_2.jpg - 34kB

Jeff - 11/10/2004 at 07:25

Hi Joe,

Looks like it took about 2 months to get from Vladivistok to to Manchester, England. What was the normal means of transportation for British mail? I would assume, given the time in these parts of Russia, that mail would have to be transported mostly by ship.

Jeff - 11/10/2004 at 07:26

What is the triangular mark with "MR" inside of it?

Joe Taylor - 11/10/2004 at 10:53

Yes it took that long for mail from that part of the world. Trip Japan,Hong Kong ,Singapore,Colombo Ceylon.Aden,Suez Canal,Egypt. Then British mail The triangle with the MR is a Manchester postoffice sorting mark.